Quarter Century Experience
Meets Innovation

Microsan was established in 1991 to produce special purpose machines, control and welding apparatus for the automotive industry.
Mikrosan started production with a narrow staff and limited bench park in the first years, and over time, with its experienced staff of 70 people and advanced technological bench park, it has become today's industry has become an ideal partner company for organizations.

Mikrosan was established to produce special purpose machines and control test apparatus for the textile, white goods and construction sectors, especially the automotive industry. Our company has undertaken important tasks in many projects since its establishment.

Our company follows the developing technologies and innovations closely.

Our design and product development departments closely follow new pneumatic systems and technologies within the framework of continuous development principles.

Mikrosan has a trademark registration certificate since December 2002. Mikrosan; strives to reach all requirements over time. Therefore; In July 2004, it also completed the system requirements with the ISO 9001: 2000 quality certificate issued by TÜV CERT.


To be a leader and unique organization with our innovation-oriented approach and by getting the full support of our stakeholders in all areas in which we operate.


To manufacture products that will create added value to human life in all geographies where we operate with trust and innovative perspective and to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.